Governments and Industry are now both supporting rapid green hydrogen development. Some 90% of countries measured by global GDP now have green hydrogen strategies and plans.

The combination of Convergence and Global support is driving the Megatrend Investment Opportunity.


Energy independence historically was and still is a key driver for US DOE and other country investment priorities in order to reduce reliance on imported oil. It is truly recognized as a current key priority given the recent energy crisis created by the Ukraine war. 

We need solutions that allow greater local production and storage of energy using renewable energy 


Polution Reduction

Our world is increasingly becoming urbanized: 56% of humanity now live in cities and this concentration creates costly health issues due to pollution

ICE vehicles bans are being implemented along with strong emissions reduction regulations. renewable energy


Climate Change

Climate change/global warming is now clearing understood to be a reality and we are seeing unprecedented droughts, fires, storms, floods.

Post COVID global recognition: Climate Change is our urgent global crisis to overcome.


Energy Resilliance

Aging infrastructure, increasing electric demand, increasing need to manage intermittent renewables. Infrastructure vulnerability to climate change-floods, storms.

What happens when the grid goes down?



Enabling Technologies


Renewable Energy

Now lowest cost form of electricity in many regions


Energy Storage

Pumped Hydro, Batteries, Hydrogen


Electrification of Mobility


Hydrogen & Fuel Cells


IOT, Big Data, Cloud, Real Time Optimization