A Smart Investment Vehicle

Join the Revolution in Zero-Emission Commercial Transport

Our commitment to green hydrogen fuels isn’t just a step towards a cleaner future, but also a smart investment in today’s reality. Be part of our journey, transforming energy and transport sectors with our sustainable, profitable FCEV solutions, backed by successful trials and practical innovation.

Hydrogen-Powered Progress

Innovative Investment

Embrace the future with First Hydrogen. Our venture into clean hydrogen mobility for utility vans marks a revolutionary step, free from the constraints and costs associated with traditional automotive manufacturing and fossil fuel dependencies.

Profitable Model

A light and nimble business model – supplier and technology agnostic – provides ultimate control and flexibility to use widely available components from preferred global suppliers.

Design Efficiencies

First Hydrogen has significant market advantage and cost reductions through a design and integration strategy using existing (best of) technology and a tried and tested chassis.

Powerful Partnership

As world recognized leaders, AVL and Ballard Power are coming together with First Hydrogen to design & power a zero-emissions utility van offering reliability, ownership and servicing costs that are second to none.

    Regulatory Backing

    Backed by governmental initiatives, such as the EU & UK’s clean energy support programs, First Hydrogen is at the forefront of the push towards a clean hydrogen economy across Europe and North America.

    Market Opportunity

    Seize the market opportunity. First Hydrogen is strategically aligned with the global logistics market, addressing its urgent need to meet emission reduction targets in the digital economy era.


    First Hydrogen is deeply committed to environmental sustainability, aligning with global initiatives for carbon reduction. This commitment not only positions the company as an eco-conscious leader but also aligns with the increasing consumer and regulatory demand for sustainable solutions.

    Advanced Technology

    Leveraging advanced hydrogen fuel cell technology, First Hydrogen sets new industry standards. This focus on technological innovation underpins the company’s competitive advantage in offering efficient, reliable, and high-performance green mobility solutions.

    Global Reach

    First Hydrogen is poised for international growth, tapping into the expanding global market for clean energy. This global approach amplifies potential market reach and diversification, positioning the company as a key player in the worldwide shift to sustainable energy.

    Scalability Potential

    The scalability of First Hydrogen’s business model is a significant advantage, offering the potential for rapid expansion and adaptation to different markets and applications. This scalability ensures the company’s agility and responsiveness to market demands and opportunities.

    Industry Leadership

    As a frontrunner in the hydrogen energy sector, First Hydrogen is at the forefront of industry innovation. The company’s leadership position is marked by a commitment to pioneering new solutions and setting benchmarks in the green energy landscape.

    Challenge Presents

    Despite advancements in vehicle efficiency, transport emissions continue to climb. New strategies are urgently needed to combat this trend and align with evolving environmental mandates, while also addressing the growing demands for mobility and freight.

    • &Surging Demand Challenges

    The explosion of e-commerce has intensified pressures on transport, particularly in last-mile logistics, with expectations of low delivery costs and faster delivery times.

    • \Emission Regulation Tightening
    The upcoming stringent EU emission targets, set to commence in 2025, along with similar environmental regulations emerging in North America, present significant challenges to traditional petrol and diesel engines.
    • Electric Vehicle Limitations

    Current electric vehicle (EV) technology faces hurdles like battery weight, recharge time, limited range, and grid constraints, making them less suitable for commercial transportation. The shift to EVs demands substantial investment in charging infrastructure. Additionally, the reliance on rare earth metals for lithium-ion batteries presents sustainability concerns.

    Unleashing the Hydrogen Revolution

    In the global race towards zero emissions, the EU’s stringent reduction mandates, along with environmental targets in the US and Canada, create a unique opportunity. Supported by investments and grants like those from InvestEU, the commercial transport sector in these regions is primed for a shift. The introduction of zero-emission, long-range utility vehicles powered by hydrogen is set to transform commercial transportation across the EU, US, and Canada.


    First Hydrogen is poised for international growth, tapping into the expanding global market for clean energy. This global approach amplifies potential market reach and diversification, positioning the company as a key player in the worldwide shift to sustainable energy.


    The market is primed for hydrogen-powered solutions, with growing awareness and demand for sustainable transport alternatives.


    Rapid advancements in hydrogen fuel cell technology are enhancing efficiency and reducing costs, making it a more viable option than ever.


    Hydrogen fuel cells offer a significant reduction in carbon footprint, aligning with global environmental targets and consumer preferences for green products.

    Economic Growth

    Investing in hydrogen technology catalyzes economic growth, creating new jobs, and opening up untapped markets in clean energy.

    Commercial Transport

    First Hydrogen’s zero-emission utility vehicle stands unparalleled in reliability, ownership, and servicing. By strategically blending best-in-class technology we deliver a significant market edge. Our focus on integration of advanced fuel cells, efficient electric motricity, and robust fuel tanks ensures top-tier performance.

    Innovative Fuel Cell Technology

    Our utility van features state-of-the-art fuel cell technology, offering unparalleled energy efficiency. This system ensures long-term durability and minimal maintenance, making it a reliable choice for businesses.

    Optimized Design

    Our new planned vehicle design combines aesthetics with functionality. It features a sleek, aerodynamic structure to enhance fuel efficiency and reduce operational costs, demonstrating our commitment to innovative and practical design solutions.

    Cost Efficiency

    The van stands out for its economic benefits, particularly a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional and electric vehicles. This includes savings in fuel costs, maintenance, and longevity of vehicle life.

    Sustainability Impact

    Commitment to sustainability is at the core of our design. Our van significantly reduces carbon emissions and noise pollution, contributing to a cleaner, greener environment, and aligning with global sustainability goals.

    Flexible Utility Applications

    The versatility of our van makes it suitable for a wide range of commercial uses. Whether it’s for delivery, transport, or specialized services, the van can be adapted to meet diverse business requirements, offering flexibility and efficiency.

    Discover the Future of Transport

    Explore the full potential of our hydrogen-powered future. Get an in-depth look at our zero-emission utility van, strategic partnerships, market insights, and more. Download your copy of our comprehensive corporate deck today and discover the investment opportunities waiting in green hydrogen innovation.


    Chairman and CEO

    40+ years of experience in corporate finance, acquisitions, and financial reporting for both private and public companies. He has served as CEO, CFO and Director of several publicly traded companies, as well as Advisor for Accelerate Power Systems Inc.



    Ms. Zhao is a CPA with over 10 years experience with both public and private companies. Ms. Zhao has experience in accounting and finance for various industries, including mining, Realtor development, property management, sports entertainment, marketing and farming.


    CEO – Energy

    40+ years of experience in corporate finance, acquisitions, and financial reporting for both private and public companies. He has served as CEO, CFO and Director of several publicly traded companies, as well as Advisor for Accelerate Power Systems Inc.



    Mr. Dosanjh earned his BBA, finance and marketing, from York University’s Schulich School of Business and brings over 25 years of experience to the board.  Mr. Dosanjh began his career at General Motors of Canada and now is chief executive officer of Gillfor Distribution Inc., Canada’s largest privately held building products distribution company.


    Chief People Officer

    13+ years in human resources. Key roles of Senior HR Manager at TESLA and Global People, Organization and Development Manager at INEOS Automotive and Fuel Cells.


    Executive Director of Automotive

    30+ years in automotive, with 20 years with Ford Motor Company (final role: Director Powertrain Engineering at Ford of Europe); Board Director Ford Technologies; 11 years with Perkins Engines; (final role: Chief Engineer).


    CCO – Mobility

    30+ years in automotive and mobility. Senior leadership roles in automotive sales, distribution and service, including Marque Group, Lookers, Nissan, Hyundai and Volkswagen/Audi. International experience including Japan, Korea and Germany.



    Mr. Morin brings a wealth of experience and demonstrated leadership abilities in business operations and development, corporate communications, social responsibility (ESG), media relations and government relations. Mr. Morin is a steadfast advocate for responsible and sustainable investment, which he sees as crucial for social development. He brings hands-on experience in this area from his time at BMO Financial Group, where he played a pivotal role in implementing a sustainable finance program for the Quebec business sector.


    What is First Hydrogen's unique approach to the hydrogen market?

    First Hydrogen is leveraging its expertise to develop hydrogen-powered utility vans, focusing on reducing emissions in commercial transportation. The company integrates best-in-class technology with existing vehicle platforms, emphasizing design efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

    How does First Hydrogen's product compare with electric vehicles?

    Compared to electric vehicles, First Hydrogen’s vans offer longer range, faster refueling, and lower total weight, addressing the limitations of EV battery technology and making them more suitable for commercial use.

    What are the expected environmental benefits of First Hydrogen's vans?

    The expected environmental benefits of First Hydrogen’s vehicles are centered around their zero-emission design. These vehicles aim to eliminate carbon emissions, contributing significantly to global efforts to mitigate climate change. Additionally, by operating without traditional combustion engines, they substantially reduce noise pollution, further lessening their environmental impact.

    Can you elaborate on the partnerships First Hydrogen has formed?

    The company collaborates with renowned entities like AVL and Ballard Power, leveraging their expertise in vehicle design and hydrogen fuel cell technology to enhance product reliability and efficiency.

    How is First Hydrogen responding to the evolving market and regulatory landscape?

    By closely monitoring and adapting to changes in environmental regulations and market demands, First Hydrogen aims to stay ahead in the industry.

    What are the key financial aspects investors should be aware of?

    Prospective investors should consider the company’s growth strategy, market potential in the green energy sector, and government support in the form of investments and grants, which all contribute to its financial viability.

    What future developments can investors expect from First Hydrogen?

    Investors can look forward to advancements in hydrogen technology, expansion into new markets, and continuous product innovation aimed at maintaining the company’s competitive edge in the rapidly evolving green energy sector.

    Interested in a more comprehensive understanding of First Hydrogen’s vision, technology, and market strategy? Click the link below to download our detailed corporate deck. Dive deep into our innovative approach and explore the full scope of investment opportunities with First Hydrogen.

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